Wounds on the legs, ankles, and feet may occur for multiple reasons. They may begin as simple cuts, scrapes, from blisters, and from areas of irritation on the legs, ankles, and feet. Areas of pressure are more susceptible to developing wounds around prominent bones and/or where shoes or socks may irritate or rub. Deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and flattened arches may increase the risk of pressure on certain areas of your foot and ankle. 

Common medical conditions associated with wounds on the lower extremity include diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and Venus insufficiency. These medical conditions lead to a decrease in the ability of the body to heal and/or properly mend the skin and surrounding tissues.

Prompt Treatment Prevents Dangerous Complicationswound care

Prevention and early identification of wounds on the lower extremity is key to preventing complications such as chronic wounds, infection, and amputation of digits, the foot, and the leg.

As experts and specialists in wound care for the lower extremity, it is our goal to educate our patients on how to recognize and identify in the earliest stages, areas of concern on their lower extremities. 

We use the most recent advances in diagnostic testing and our in-house digital x-rays to identify patients at risk and educate them on preventative measures to avoid complications associated with wounds.

In cases where prevention has failed, it is essential to identify risk factors and actively work with the patient and other providers to help manage the patient’s medical conditions for the best outcomes.

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Dr. Pilling and Dr. DeVries have extensive experience and training in managing simple and complicated wounds of the lower extremity. Many new advances in treatment can assist in helping patients heal faster and more reliably to prevent complications such as permanent injury and/or amputations to the lower extremity.

When necessary, surgical cleaning of the wound and other deformity corrections may be necessary. Our doctors provide care at local surgery centers and hospitals and have access to advanced wound care modalities. Our offices in Burley and Twin Falls are optimized to allow many of the treatments we offer to be performed in the clinic and avoid the need for hospital care when possible. Contact Canyon Foot + Ankle to schedule an appointment and get back on your feet again.