Idaho podatrists perform foot surgery If you are debating the need for foot surgery, it is important to have a conversation with your doctor to determine that all other appropriate options have been exhausted and that you have an accurate picture of how the surgical process and recovery are likely to be for you. The podiatrists at Canyon Foot + Ankle in Twin Falls and Burley, Idaho can help you determine if the timing is right to have surgery.

Indications You Should Proceed With Surgery

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to determining when surgery needs to occur for every patient, but there are some signs that frequently signal that it is time to seriously consider surgery.

Less Invasive Treatment Has Been Tried and Failed

Six weeks or more of other interventions have already been tried, and you have not experienced the expected amount of relief or progress. It does not seem likely that continuing these less invasive options will help.

There Is a Visible Deformity

If your feet have an obvious disfigurement from your injury, it may be necessary to operate to prevent bigger issues from developing at a later date. This can be true for bunions, hammertoes,  and other conditions.

Your Quality of Life Is Negatively Impacted

If the issues with your feet are making your quality of life significantly worse, it is definitely time to consider surgery. You deserve the opportunity to return to your usual activities at home, work, school, or your hobbies free of pain.

Your Doctor Has Recommended It

Because surgery can be invasive, expensive, and often requires significant time to recover, the podiatrists at Canyon Foot + Ankle will not recommend surgery until they are sure that better options are not available. If one of our Magic Valley foot doctors recommends surgery, they will also be able to talk about the risks of delaying surgery and what you can expect during the recovery process.

The Timing Is Right

Several factors can influence the best timing to schedule surgery.

  • Athletic seasons. It may be important for athletes to time surgical procedures between seasons and leave enough time for recovery before the next season begins.
  • Age. The older you get, the more difficult it can be to recover from surgery. If you know that you need surgery, it is best not to put it off for several years, as the condition can grow worse and so can your ability to bounce back from operations.
  • Holiday and travel plans. You may not want to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other important dates recovering from surgery. You may also struggle to find family or friends who can support your recovery during the holidays. Surgery and the recovery that follows could also interfere with your upcoming vacation, reunion, wedding, or other major events on your calendar.
  • Work responsibilities. You may need to make arrangements with your employer and ensure you have enough leave time available should you need to spend an extended period off work.
  • Insurance. There may be insurance reasons to consider scheduling your surgery at a particular time. Our office can help to explain the costs and make suggestions for the most financially beneficial timing for your procedure.

Your Diagnosis Is Best Served by Immediate Surgery

If your foot condition is not likely to respond to other forms of treatment or delaying surgery is likely to make the problem worse, then surgery may be recommended more quickly. This is sometimes the case for conditions like Haglund’s deformity.

Alternatives to Surgery

At Canyon Foot + Ankle in Burley and Twin Falls, Idaho, we do not typically discuss surgery without considering other options that could address the issue in a less invasive manner. There is a wide range of other options that can treat many foot issues without the need for surgery.